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You can serve your clients even more effectively.

REally.  And it's not that hard!

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cnEssential will focus you on the change you can help your clients make!

cnEssential takes your coaching from the formal to the professional level!

Designed for coaches who have a little experience but if you know you still have more to learn, this is your next step.

The skills are easy to learn, but they're much more challenging to master.  cnEssential steps into that gap.

Top quality training


Coaches trained.

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practical experience

LIVE sessions

Of coaching practice.

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Direct feedback

on your coaching

from a credentialed coach.

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Big Potential


Coaching Success!

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Look at what a few cnEssential students have to say!

“I didn't know what I didn't know!”
Charlie Zimmerman
Greensboro, NC

“cnEssential changed my entire approach to coaching.  I'm making a difference with my clients like never before!”
Jay Van Groningen
Grand Rapids, MI

How Does It Work


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Take an inventory of your coaching skills!

cnEssential begins with an assessment that helps you identify some of your core behavioral tendencies that might be working for your coaching or working against it!



Get ready for your training to start!

Your cnEssential experience will cover 8 sessions,  and a recorded final coaching triad, plus some short journal assignments.  Want to learn more?  Click here.


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