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cnLaunch will get you started coaching with a solid skill set!

cnLaunch orients you for coaching success.  

cnLaunch takes you from considering the idea of coaching and equips you with the skills you need to get started.  You’ll learn what coaching is, and how you can use coaching skills to serve the people around you. 

You'll be able to apply your coaching skills in situations ranging from the impromptu, informal setting to the formal, structured environment. 

Top quality training


Coaches trained.

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practical experience


Of coaching practice.

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Direct feedback

on your coaching

from a credentialed coach.

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Big Potential


Coaching Success!

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Look at what a few cnLaunch students have to say!

“Probably the best event I've ever been to!”
Sam Brumit, Coach & Counselor
Rancho Bernardo Counseling Services--San Diego, CA

“Every leader I work with goes through coach training...and cnLaunch is our preferred coaching orientation.”
Andy Sikora, Pastor & Church Planter
Renew Communities--Berea, Ohio

How Does It Work


After sign up, watch the pre-work videos.

The simple, easy registration process will gather some basic information about you and then you're on your way!

Then you'll receive links to the Sticky Note Coaching Series, six short videos that will get you thinking about your coaching.  You'll watch a video or two each week as a part of cnLaunch.



Attend the 8 learning sessions.

These 2 hour sessions will equip you to coach effectively in formal and informal settings. Six sessions are interactive instruction, and two are live coaching triads  where you get feedback from credentialed coaches!

You'll learn about the basic relationship for coaching and best practices for coaching effectively.  Plus, you'll get ready to actually coach!

 cnLaunch gives you the framework to make things happen!



Complete the journal assignments and triads

You'll have a short quiz after each session as well as a journal assignment.  You'll also complete a final triad so you can practice coaching.  This triad will be evaluated according to credential standards!   All of this adds up to the cnLaunch experience!

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