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cnPlus is how you'll specialize your coaching skills to become the coach you want to be!

cnPlus gives you two options to specialize your coach development:
1) A full 24 hour coach training sequence, with specializations in
Discipleship Coach Training, 
Executive Coach Training,
Leadership Coach Training,
Ministry Coach Training or 
Build-Your-Own Coach Training. 


2) Individual courses that you can mix-and-match to pinpoint your training.  
You can find training that will develop the exact skills your coaching needs!

Full 24 hour coach training tracks.

4 courses + 200 cnlab

Theory AND Practice.

Coaching courses


Real life situations.

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coach training

on YOUR schedule

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Big Potential


Coaching improvement!

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You get to choose:
Do I want to take a full concentration in:
Discipleship Coaching,
Executive Coaching,
Leadership Coaching,
Ministry Coaching, 
Or some other concentration that you'll design?
Do you want to pick individual courses?

How Does It Work

2 I want a full track or just a course or two?  The option is yours!

This is where it gets good...both in your training experience and in the customization of your training process!



Get ready to change some lives with your focused and specialized coaching skills!

Your coaching effectiveness will sky rocket!  Whether you want to complete a full concentration or a few individual courses...cnPlus is for you.  Click here for more details.


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